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Our Vision

  • Billy Buddha the market leader in the knitwear segment originates from the knitwear capital of India Tiruppur in Tamilnadu.

  • Successfully established by entrepreneur Shri Dhanesha  in the year 1998. The legacy is now being carried forward by the second and third generations with the same zeal, enthusiasm, commitment and responsibility.

  • The company has the latest state of the art machinery to augment their strategies. This has made the company gain their own expertise in fabric making which is unique to us and not many in the industry have to offer. Having mechanised operations and having achieved economies of scale has resulted in the company having huge ready stocks of all variants.

  • Billy Buddha has an all India presence through 8 depots strategically located to cater to the geographical needs.

  • A wide variety and range of Round neck T shirts, Polo T Shirts, poly blends , V Necks etc has enabled Billy Buddha to become the market leader in their segment.

  • In house merchandisers spin out new designs and patterns on a regular basis based on insights, research, trends and market forces/ dynamics and demand.

  • Billy Buddha is house to many a corporates be it for their uniforms, promotional wears or even for leading schools.

  • We are proud to be associated with leaders in various industries like IBM , Murugappa, Hyundai motors etc..

  • The company has long term plans to expand, increase production not only in terms of volumes but also designs and varieties to be the bench marked clothing company by 2025

  • The need to be bench marked is not going to be without our share of CSR, efforts at sustainable management and protection of the environment and betterment of mankind.

Our Mission
  • To continously innovate fashion statements by driving consumer trending research with in house insights of motivated employees to work at customer delight, taking care of stakeholders interests , contributing to the economy and working to words a sustainable environment for a better tomorrow.

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